The Weekend

Saturday, August 3, 2019
Hôtel Les Roches Rouges


What a pretty gold plated shell necklace!

I recently came across Josephine's whimsical creations and I am stunned.

This iconic stone summer house is architectural poetry.

This carved stone sink.

Have you seen the Birkenstock showroom in Paris? I'm sure you have cause it is soooo good it's all around the internet these days!

These casually sexy linen panties.

Pleated lamps are such a thing right now!

Looking forward to trying these homemade face and body treatments.

Swooning over this oversized linen blazer.

* Happy to see my prints in the homes of Ake, Chora Collection, SedselEzz, Deidre, Lucie, Alexandra (also this one) and Betti these past couple of weeks. Thank you! Don't forget to tag @myparadissi and use #studioparadissi when you share photos of my prints in your space so I can share along!

Also, in case you have missed, there is a new sale in the shop where you get 20% off when you buy 3 prints or more!


Last week - Calm and cozy small studio apartment

Last week - Scenes from my bedroom

Back in 2018 - 44 sq.m. minimalistic apartment with a cozy and smart design

Back in 2017 - Gorgeous bathroom with built-in fixtures

Happy weekend, friends :)

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