ETSY MIX of the week

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

1 | Such a pretty and easy to wear little black natural flax dress! (DALEKO, €69.41)
2 | Love how this minimalistic black and white print contrasts a neutral interior decor and how it fits perfectly a light wood frame for that matter (StudioParadissi, €7.87)
3 | Bold in its simplicity, this black and white (acrylic) marble bracelet is the perfect statement piece for summer (ARMxSTUDIO, €85)
4 | Love the masculine modern vibes of this 40ies vintage Falkenbergs belysning table lamp (STODEOH, €764.81)
5 | This simple leather case looks like a perfect solution to finally keep all the pens and pencils scattered inside my purses in one place (TOMBERgoods, €31.47)
6 | I'm really attracted to the linear form of these vases that I sort of find both cute and funny and cool minimalist as well. Love them as a black and white pair also (GeorgieSCeramics, €79)

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