The Weekend

Saturday, March 9, 2019
Cozy bedroom setting by Claudi [doitbutdoitnow]
Claudi [doitbutdoitnow]


This poetry of a lounge chair.

The impeccable photography of Anastasia Lisitsyna.

Such an adorable eco-friendly bamboo plate for kids.

So excited to see Studio Paradissi featured in the beautiful blogs Monster Circus and Husligheter!

Also, there is a small interview of me in Roomioo Magazine if you'd like to read (it is in Danish so you'll probably need to google translate it :))

This enamel mug. Love the bird illustration!

Oh my, 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' is coming to Netflix!

Just received these linen culottes and I can foresee I'll be wearing them all spring/summer long.

I'm co-hosting a cool giveaway with some amazing fellow businesswomen over on Instagram, click here to enter!

The modern trap of turning hobbies into hustles.


Last week - Eclectic minimalistic apartment

Last week - Sophisticated scandinavian apartment in Budapest

Back in 2018 - Aurelie Lecuyer

Back in 2017 - Sculpture on pedestal

Happy weekend, friends :)

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1 comment on "The Weekend"
  1. Τι ανακουφιστικό αρθρο! Εχω βαρεθει όποτε κανω δώρο κατι που εχω φτιάξει να μου λενε αυτο το πράμα. Μα το κανω γιατι μ αρεσει να περνώ δημιουργκα τον ελευθερο χρόνο μου. -Ναι αλλα μπορεις να βγαλεις χρηματα απ αυτο! -Μα αφου δεν έχω χόμπι ουτε το προμόσιον ουτε τις πωλήσεις, πως θα το κανω αυτο???? Ε, μα!