The Weekend

Saturday, August 25, 2018
Wooden lakeside cabin via Jotex


Such a lovely black dress.

These imaginary machines are so precise they make me nervous.

Where I'd like to lounge right now (rain included).

These earrings are fun.

Special kudos to the latest collaboration between Alasia Lifestyle and Mischa where they create a limited edition of ZERO WASTE sandals from Mischa's materials cut-offs. The collaboration ends on Septemeber 30th so pre-order your pair in time!

A handmade pitcher worth displaying on the kitchen open shelf.

Smart tips on memorizing and learning depending on your type.

What a gorgeous yoga studio!

Interesting video showing 73 homes arranged by household income (hint: it's not always what you think it is).

How about a wall sconce with your zodiac constellation?


Last week - Calm bedroom in neutral hues

Last week - Gorgeous gallery walls above the sofa

Back in 2017 - Spotted: The Parentesi lamp in the bedroom

Back in 2016 - All white attic bathrooms

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image via Jotexvia My Scandinavian Home.
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