3 kids rooms rocking the peg rail trend in style

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
Stylish peg rail in a kids room | Anna Kubel
Anna Kubel

There seems to be a peg rail on just about every house that religiously follows the latest styling trends nowadays and I, personally speaking, love to embrace this decorative touch so much! Not only it is a practical way to store and organize things but also a great canvas to practice one's styling skills and showcase favorite pieces along.

I admit I have a rapidly growing collection of images with peg rails in all kind of rooms to share on the blog but, for the sake of narrowing down a bit, I thought I'd show you these beautifully decorated ones in kids rooms instead.

What's your idea on peg rails? Do you use them? I promise I'll get back with more inspiration on that matter soon :)

Stylish peg rail in a kids room | Tessa Hop
Tessa Hop
Stylish peg rail in a kids room | The Way We Stroll
The Way We Stroll

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