Tuesday, May 29, 2018
INSTAGRAM CRUSH: Yitai Hu. Kitchen open shelving to display cups and mugs

There is something unmistakably calm in the home of Yitai Hu that draws my attention every time she posts a new photo on her instagram account.

I just love the silence her images bring out and I'm a huge fan of how she neatly organizes and displays all her beautiful stuff around. I mean, even her cleaning tools (see below) look more of a stylish vignette rather than a sore view!

If you are not following yet, do check out her account, I'm sure you'll be hooked too!

P.s. Another instagram account you should not miss.

INSTAGRAM CRUSH: Yitai Hu. Metallic bookcase styling
INSTAGRAM CRUSH: Yitai Hu. Cluster of ceramics on dresser
INSTAGRAM CRUSH: Yitai Hu. Cleaning tools hung on a peg rail
INSTAGRAM CRUSH: Yitai Hu. Scandinavian inspired shelf styling

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