The Weekend

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Scandinavian living room with shiplap walls by Cim Ek


Such a cute linen dress.

So much wasted product packaging it hurts.

That being said, if you flirt with the idea of living a zero-waste life but feel overwhelmed on how/where to start, this beginner's guide is an inspiring read.

On my wishlist: a watering can so pretty that serves equally as a styling piece along with its standard function.

This creative way of visualizing words put a smile on my face.

A cute DIY side table you can try this weekend.

I'm having tropical dreams with this breathtaking bamboo beach house.

These words.

Eyeing this fancy handmade colander for my summer fruits..

..and this adorable trolley for my terrace.


Last week - Gorgeous concrete sink in an arched nook

Last week - New in portfolio: Cozy living room in neutral tones

Back in 2017 - The poetry of monastic dining rooms

Back in 2016 - Welcoming scandinavian bedroom

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image by Cim Ek.

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