The Weekend

Saturday, April 7, 2018
Image by Haily Hill


This linen jumpsuit!

Such pretty coat hangers.

So, since rattan cane is so popular these days, this diy is just right on the spot.

The Ten Commandments of Design by Dieter Rams.

This new pass time trend from Japan is, quite admittedly, impressive.

Wow, talk to me about a career change!

Really adorable music baby toy.

This leather plant hanger is such a refreshing alternative to the usual macrame ones.

Kudos to Pinterest for bringing back the chronological order! Now we can finally see what our favorite pinners pin in real life and always be up to date! (if you like to see my pinning follow along here)

Speaking of social media, I just found the perfect mix between Pinterest and StumbleUpon, called The Mix (no pun intended here ;). It's still too young but I love how easy it is to save and organize articles from all around the web even if they are not 'pinworthy'. If you are interested in catching the early social media wagon, you can sign up here (and feel free to follow me if you like!)

P.s. Some new additions on my Amazon Influencer page if you'd like to see.


Last week - Inspiration moodboard

Last week - Impressive contemporary bathroom with gray tiles

Back in 2017 - My bedroom redo

Back in 2016 - Hotel Miss Clara in Stockholm

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image by Haily Hill
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