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Reverse - double black diamond gold ring | MIRTA Jewelry
Reverse - double black diamond gold ring ($177.76+)

Ok, I know I am a bit biased as an architect myself but I am always inspired to see how a fellow architect turned their love of form, materials, aesthetics and design into wearable art a.k.a. jewelry.

Andrea's creations are delicate, sort of ethereal if you can say so for metallic objects, and have a refined simplicity that is hard to ignore. What I love most about her jewelry is how she manages to use gemstones in a really minimalistic way and with a poetic respect for the material.

You can read her inspiring interview after the jump as well as find a code for free shipping at the end of the post.

Eye - herkimer diamond silver ring | MIRTA Jewelry
Eye - herkimer diamond silver ring ($138.68)
Circle & long line - silver ear cuff  | MIRTA Jewelry
Circle & long line - silver ear cuff ($52.95+)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your store. 

My name is Andrea Simic. I’m a trained architect that runs a jewelry brand. 

I started working with jewelry during college. In the beginning, it was just a side job. Eventually, I ended up devoting most of my time to MIRTA, and only a tiny part to architecture. And this was the best decision so far :)

Most often, the best things in life are mostly unplanned.

What is it that makes your products special? 

Apart from the fact that all MIRTA jewelry pieces are made of precious stones and metals with the utmost attention to detail, I think it is very difficult to find accessories with a slightly refined clean aesthetic, especially jewelry.

When using stones, I really try not to make the design cluttered, and I’m very careful if needing to add more than one stone. I feel that each material is so precious, to begin with, adding too many details would only deter someone from the beauty they already possess within.

Eye - herkimer diamond oxidized cuff | MIRTA Jewelry
Eye - herkimer diamond oxidized cuff ($184.06)
Personal armor 02 - oxidized silver ring | MIRTA Jewelry
Personal armor 02 - oxidized silver ring ($103.38)

What was the first thing you sold on your store?

The first thing I sold were gold filled hoops with light pink chalcedony, a very nice and classic pair. I did my best to make everything impeccable, but unfortunately, there was a huge issue with shipping. The post tried to deliver the earrings, but my customer didn’t receive any notes in the mailbox. Since this was my first sale, it didn’t look quite good, and to be honest, ended up a disaster. Luckily, it didn’t deter me from my goals! And I’m really glad to be able to share this, for all of those trying to start their own paths. Never give up, many nasty things will happen in the beginning, but eventually, all will come to where it should be.

Do you have any favorites from your collection? 

My favorite pieces are from the Reverse collection. I love how they’re edgy, but remain subtle at the same time. I prefer black diamonds, I guess it’s not very difficult to tell.

I’m very proud and fond of the Reverse ear cuff and the Reverse line earring.

I also enjoy wearing MIRTA pieces with organic raw stones, like this Aquamarine Rock ring.

Single thorn - sapphire oxidized silver ring | MIRTA Jewelry
Single thorn - sapphire oxidized silver ring ($114.73)
Essential - dash hoop earring | MIRTA Jewelry
Essential - dash hoop earring ($57.36+)

How do you usually keep yourself inspired? 

I spend a lot of time in nature with my dog, Lada. She’s a borzoi and loves to chase everything, so we enjoy every spare moment hiking and just wandering around. It really helps relax, and I’m most inspired when relaxed.

I need to take time to think things through, that’s why we don’t do standard summer/winter collections. I prefer to launch a collection only when I’m sure it’s time to get it out.

Describe your typical day. 

My workday always starts with morning emails, calls and organizational efforts which often extend into the afternoon. I talk to my customers, stockists, suppliers, and try to communicate studio tasks and duties. Afterwards, I slowly retreat to my studio and end up either working on a new collection or working on orders. Late afternoons, I always take a break for a long walk with Lada and return to the studio in the evening if there is work left.

MIRTA Jewelry
Diamond thorn - black diamond oxidized earring | MIRTA Jewelry
Diamond thorn - black diamond oxidized earring ($94.55+)

What is the one thing you would change if you were starting over? 

I would have a bit more belief in my work, as it took a very long time for me to realize that I’m doing the right thing. I still question everything on a daily basis, but that’s just me. Apart from that, I’m very happy and content with my work!

You can find Andrea on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Andrea is kindly offering the readers of this blog free shipping on orders over $50 with code NLXK5Y (valid until March 31st).

Eye 02 - diamond gold  | MIRTA Jewelry
Eye 02 - diamond gold ring ($313.92)

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