ETSY MIX of the week

Friday, March 23, 2018
Favorite handmade products sold on Etsy stores

1 | This casual wraparound jumpsuit is tops on my wishlist (laurenwinterco, €185.92 on sale)
2 | I love the abstract lines and dots pattern on this ceramic vessel (SenayCeramic, €26.88 on sale)
3 | Digging the very whimsical mixed media artworks of Annalisa Bollini (2Hands2Tails, €20)
4 | How cute are these plush raccoon dolls? Mama approved! (WoodlandTale, €35.75 on sale)
5 | Love the desert vibes of this half moon wall planter (MuddyHeart, €67.30)
6 | This linen picnic mat comes with its own bag to take with you. It will definitely come in handy now that the days are getting warmer (lifeinaday, €66.46)
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