The Weekend

Saturday, February 17, 2018
Villa Civenna. Image by Lorenzo Pennati.


These Japanese handblown glass teacups are so delicate and pretty.

My heart is beating for this bamboo and cane lounge chair.

This most incredible staircase.

Such a cool optical illusion.

Beautiful styling tips to add warmth and coziness to your bedroom.

Oh, wow these pink bathrooms.

Can you imagine working in this office space? It must be wonderful!

This linen quilt is perfection! Can I have it in all colors, please?

I'm so impressed by this channel tufted banquette and the fact that is actually a diy just blows my mind!

This wonderful minimalistic terracotta vase.


Last week - A decor detail that brightens up these dark bedrooms

Last week - Bright minimalist home with wood accents

Back in 2017 - Decorating with cotton branches

Back in 2016 - Swing arm wall lamps in the kitchen

Happy weekend, friends :)

Image by Lorenzo Pennati.
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