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Pulpa- handmade clothing on Etsy
STONE/dress/ ($85)

Happy New Year! Hope you had a beautiful time during the holidays and a great start to 2018. I certainly had a hot start, with a high fever flu that had me in bed right from the first day of the year. I do feel better today, however, so let's do this, 2018! 

The first post of this year is a new Etsy interview with a very talented lady, Marta Maruszczyk, owner of PULPA, a store specializing in contemporary high-quality handmade clothing for women with an effortless and casual approach. I am very drawn to the simple loose forms of her creations, they look so stylish and easy to wear every single day. Read more about Marta and her work after the jump.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your store.

I'm Marta and I'm from Wroclaw, Poland. I launched PULPA 6 years ago. My brand offers minimalistic clothing for women made of natural materials and created with a lot of attention to detail. I really want to create clothes in which women can feel themselves. 

How/when did you realize that your love for creating can be something more than a hobby?

I never planned to make a living of fashion. I started to create the first clothes mostly for myself rather than for sale. However, I put some of them online and it turned out that people liked them and even wanted to buy them. This is how the whole thing started. 

Pulpa- handmade clothing on Etsy
ETERNITY/shirt/ ($75)

What is it that makes your products special?

My main concerns are quality and usability. I put a lot of effort in ensuring that fabrics used to create my clothes are the best quality. Also, in most cases these are natural materials – another important feature to me. When I work on a new collection, I always think about clothes I’d like to wear myself. I want to create clothing in which I would feel natural and comfortable myself. Due to that, when I was pregnant I created a collection for pregnant women; when I was breastfeeding, some of my clothes were fastened with snaps to facilitate it. 
All clothes are handmade in Wroclaw – the city where I leave and create. Most of the fabrics I use are also local (Polish textiles are really high quality). 

Pulpa- handmade clothing on Etsy
SAND/dress/ ($85)

Which of the product/s you have in the store is/are the most popular with your customers? Why do you think is that?

The current bestseller is the TWO/NIGHT trousers. They are made of thin, delicate wool that beautifully reflects light. They are super comfortable and can be worn on different occasions – I think this is where their success comes from. I personally love them and wear them really often. Other popular items in my store are two of my shirts: ‘ETERNITY’ and ‘NAGATABI 09’. A white shirt is always an instant classic – it doesn’t matter if it’s a linen asymmetrical shirt/dress or if it is a more traditional model. I’d also say VICKI dresses are great sellers too. They are made of high quality knitted fabric that’s super nice for touch and almost doesn’t grease – important features I think :) 

How do you usually keep yourself inspired? 

I observe people. Not only those I see every day, but also those I meet when traveling – the people from different cultures and backgrounds. 

Pulpa- handmade clothing on Etsy

How has your business/store evolved over time? 

When I started to design I had never thought it would become my profession. I didn’t think I would create a well recognized and valued brand. In the beginning I did everything myself – I designed, prepared forms, sewed, packed and sent out parcels; I was a model, ran the online store, took care of social media and of responding to clients’ emails. All this I did at home. From time to time I went to trade fairs, where I had a chance to meet my customers. Now, after 6 years, I work with 2 tailors and I have a boutique in the city center where my employee does a lot of it for me. But I still do loads of stuff myself that others wouldn’t do in my position – I take care of the social media and of all communication with customers. Also, I’m still the model in every PULPA photoshoot. I of course still do all the design too. PULPA is me and I can’t imagine letting others do it instead for the fear of losing its unique identity. 

Pulpa- handmade clothing on Etsy
DUSK/wool coat/ ($180)

Describe your ideal customer / Describe the ideal space you’d like to see your products in. 

A perfect customer is the one that is aware of the fact that PULPA is a small, local company and of everything that comes with it; the one that sees the difference in a production process between me and a big company with a world-wide coverage; the one that is interested in meeting the person who created the clothes he/she is buying; the one who realizes that my clothes are often released in limited amounts, what makes them unique in a way; the one that understands that because of all of that, because they are made of high quality fabrics by people who are fairly paid for their work and who work in good conditions, my clothes have to cost more than in popular retail chains. The perfect customer is the one that doesn’t see a machinery behind my clothes, but a human who puts all her heart into the final effect.

Pulpa- handmade clothing on Etsy
LUNA/skirt/ ($60)

You can find PULPA on facebook and instagram.

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