My COCO-MAT natural pillows review

Thursday, October 5, 2017
Natural pillows by COCO-MAT. A review by My Paradissi
As you may have seen from my stories this past week, I’ve been assigned to the coolest project in my blogging career so far. I had to try and review 10 different natural pillows from COCO-MAT (which obviously involved many hours of sleeping :D). I am already using their natural latex mattress for some months now and I am thrilled with its quality and support system (read this post for a thorough review). Now, I just had to find the perfect pillow for my needs to complete a perfect whole sleeping setup.

COCO-MAT has a whopping collection of 12 customizable natural pillows for all body and sleeping types since, according to their pillowsophy, as there is no “one-size-fits-all” dress, shirt or pair of jeans, there can’t be such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” pillow. Their filling varies from flakes of natural latex, premium quality down and feathers or pure virgin wool and you can adjust their volume by removing a desirable part of the material through the zipper opening. They even have pillows subtly infused with essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus so you can benefit from aromatherapy while you sleep.

Natural pillows by COCO-MAT. A review by My Paradissi

In my research, and after trying all the pillows, I came down to three that absolutely fit my needs one way or another. I love my pillows to be on the sturdy side, a bit thicker than average and with a great neck support. Although I change sleeping positions a lot throughout the night (who doesn’t after all) I mostly fall asleep on the fetal one (that is on one of my sides). I just love to have a soft and firm part of the pillow filling seamlessly the curve between the shoulders and the neck. It is then exactly when I feel the support that I utterly relax and doze off. The pillows that helped me with this are the Sithon I and Sithon V as well as Narkissos I (which I removed some of the fillings just to make it a little bit slimmer).

Natural pillows by COCO-MAT. A review by My Paradissi

My husband (who obviously jumped right in in my pillow sleeping testing) falls asleep in a whole different kind of way. He loves to hug his pillow while laying on his stomach in a freefall position. His pillow has to be fluffy and huggable yet not overly thin. He really enjoyed the Sithon IX one, an innovative pillow with 3 independent layers that he was able to choose from nine different filling options, while he also slept well on the Morfeas one despite his 1.90m manly figure.

Natural pillows by COCO-MAT. A review by My Paradissi

I also asked my mom to try a few of the pillows as I know she has a few issues with her sleep due to her permanent stuffy nose. She loved the luxurious feeling of the Sithon VIII pillow and how well it supported her neck but she was most excited about the eucalyptus essence it came out of the pillow which, as she stated, helped her have the sweetest dreams she’d had in a good while.

Natural pillows by COCO-MAT. A review by My Paradissi

If you too are aware of the necessity of a good, supportive and high-quality natural pillow then I can definitely suggest you have a try with the COCO-MAT ones. I’m sure you’ll find a perfect match among their huge collection and, if you are unsure of which one is ideal for you, then you can find a match with the help of this test

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* The pillows were provided to me by COCO-MAT to test and review and share my honest opinion with you. Thank you for supporting the sponsors behind this blog.
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