Inspiring interiors with gray walls

Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Living room with gray walls via Residence
I used to be surrounded by gray walls in my old apartment for years. Then I grew old of them and had everything painted white in my new apartment as soon as I moved in 3 years ago. And now gray walls are all around the place. So much inspiration it is hardly impossible not to feel tempted to switch back to it again. For the record, which you probably don't even need since it is everywhere,  here are some interiors that sport gray walls beautifully.

Living room with gray walls via Residence
Bedroom with gray walls by Daniella Witte
Daniella Witte via here
Dining room with gray walls via Elin Odnegård
Elin Odnegård
Living room with gray walls by Elisabeth Heier
Elisabeth Heier
Bedroom with gray walls via Hitta Hem
Hitta Hem

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1 comment on "Inspiring interiors with gray walls"
  1. Hi Eleni. I really like the images you have here. I don't know how to ensure that I don't make my place too grey. Each one of these images seems to strike the balance quite well, some being a little too grey for me. What are your recommendations around adding some colours to break up the grey surroundings? Would you go for something quite bright and punchy? Or for some muted richer colours?