ETSY MIX of the week

Friday, October 20, 2017
ETSY MIX curated by My Paradissi

1 | What a beautiful and utterly impressive white rabbit mask (CuriousFair, $149.54)
2 | I have a thing for ceramics with a black rim. They are both elegant and with a rustic vibe at the same time (SINDstudio, $28.50)
3 | Love the artwork on the front of this notebook. So inspiring! (ARMINHO, $9.78)
4 | Just found the cutest little stuffed felt toys made by Anna. This bear is one of my faves but make sure not to miss the unicorn and the bear with the yellow balloon! (AmuruToys, $30.59)
5 | This simple thin cushion can uplift and update any bench or built in seating. I love its minimalistic vibe (CushyTouch, $125.13+)
6 | This futa towel has the perfect stonewashed gray color. I think I'd happily wear it as a scarf too (CottonMood, $34)

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