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Friday, September 29, 2017
ETSY MIX curated by My Paradissi

1 | Yay to brown! This turtleneck sweater might be the perfect excuse to add this color to my wardrobe (Prototype23Store, $84+)
2 | Such a cute cup and saucer set! I love the geometric form and the slightly lifted edge of the plate (BarroByLucrecia, $44)
3 | Just can't have enough of minimalistic jewelry and the way the dress you up in a subtle kind of way. These arched earrings are super cool (sewasong, $24.15)
4 | I love screenprint art so much! This work by Emma Lawrenson, an original piece in a limited edition of 30, is very pretty (littleprintpress, $54.12)
5 | Not your average crossbody bag, this round leather beauty is sure to uplift any of your outfits (BogaBag, $101.25)
6 | I'love to bring some mountainous essence into my home with this hand-poured soy candle (waxandwanecandles, $18)

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