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Thursday, August 24, 2017
ETSY MIX curated by My Paradissi

1 | This plush swan is just too cute for a kid's room or nursery (LustereLiving, $32.51)
2 | I'm loving this raku ceramic set with the subtle blue speckles (TheFreakyRaku, $109.58)
3 | I'm thinking of adding these unique classy silver earrings in my jewelry collection (ArtiKats, $56.01)
4 | Will striped linen ever go out of fashion? I really doubt that with this natural linen pillowcase to be high on my wishlist (LINOHAZE, $22+)
5 | Beautiful set of four cups with a delicate unrefined handmade form (KateVoronina, $121)
6 | Can't think of a better way to strain and serve olives on a cheeseboard than this adorable handmade spoon with holes (EeliArtStudio, $15)

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