The Weekend

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Summer vacation in Capri. Photo via by Kiki


Calmest video you'll get to see today.

This cute little dress.

Such a gorgeous minimalistic sidetable with a woven leather top.

If you are looking to buy some art prints for your home, Society 6 is having a 20% off and free shipping tomorrow for just one day.

If this is not an urban jungle then I don't know what is.

The beauty of Spanish outdoors.

These concrete door handles are so unique.

Would you try any of these finishes for your kitchen cabinets?

So pretty!

This ice cream recipe sounds like heaven.


Last week - Eclectic minimalistic interiors

Last week - Extra small balcony done right

Back in 2016 - Urban contemporary bathroom

Back in 2015 - Agnandi Suites in Mykonos


Happy weekend, friends :)

Join the fun

Image via by Kiki
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