My Heraklion with Mapiful

Wednesday, June 21, 2017
My Heraklion with Mapiful © Eleni Psyllaki My Paradissi

If you happen to know me then you probably know my deepest love for the city that I was born in and living for the biggest part of my life. Heraklion, Crete, the fourth biggest city in Greece, is not a beauty of the usual kind. It has neither the picturesque allure of Chania nor the big, throbbing life of the capital Athens. Yet it is a city that will capture your heart when you least expect it; always something to catch your attention while wandering in the old city streets, hidden views of the sea horizon popping up through the aged modern buildings, buzz from the cramped cafes and taverns, a mix of a neighborhood ease and the vibrancy of a large city.
For that matter, I had no second thoughts when I was contacted by Mapiful to create a map poster with my favorite place. Through their site, you can zoom into any place your heart desires and create your own personalized map to decorate your home with. Go ahead and try it out and get a 15% off your purchase with code myparadissi (valid for one month, worldwide shipping).

My Heraklion with Mapiful © Eleni Psyllaki My Paradissi

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