The Weekend

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Cozy bed, photo by Jonas Berg, styling by Charlotte Ryding and Emma Fischer for Stadshem


A chocolate facial scrub? Pass me a dozen please!

A well hidden idyllic beach in Crete I hope I'll be visiting soon.

The mesmerizing choreography of a father-daughter duo.

Ha! I love the idea of picking fruit from your living room.

Thrilled to see wicker, rattan and cane furniture strong in the design game.

Smells like summer.

These incredible geometric earrings.

How cool is this freestanding bathtub?

Inspiring ways to boost your confidence in your work.

I'm loving this modern Moroccan stool so much!


Last week - Pure minimalistic interiors by AD Office

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Back in 2016 - Pink bathroom tiles

Back in 2015 - 10 backyard pools to steal your heart


Happy weekend, friends :)

Join the fun

Image by Jonas Berg.
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