The Weekend

Saturday, May 13, 2017
Kapari Natural Resort in Santorini. Photo by The Adventures Of Us


Got to love the versatility of this wooden serving board.

Making batches of cinnamon rolls lately. Turns out the whole family loves them to bits.

What a cool plant stand to bring nature indoors.

These ├╝ber cool architectural marble carvings.

These earrings are soon to be added to my collection.

Yay for beige.

Outdoor perfection.

Wow. This headboard is pure wow :o

Swooning over this eclectic apartment.

A roof garden with a view to the Eiffel Tower? OMG.


Last week - Contemporary kitchen with skylight

Last week - Two  freestanding bathtubs to steal your heart

Back in 2016 - Outstanding bedroom with bed on the floor

Back in 2015 - Cool scandinavian loft

Happy weekend, friends :)

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