Contemporary bathrooms with a zen feeling

Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Handelsmann + Khaw via Est living
Handelsmann + Khaw via Est living
Inspired by the understated and simple vibe of these bathrooms. The use of natural materials, the lack of unnecessary decorations and the muted color palette hold a spa calmness that speaks so fondly into my heart right now. 

Free standing bathtub in a contemporary minimalistic bathroom via Roomin
Contemporary scandinavian bathroom via

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3 comments on "Contemporary bathrooms with a zen feeling"
  1. These spaces are great. I am all about the minimalist look, especially in a bathroom where no frills are necessary. These contemporary designs mixed with a monochromatic color scheme really create a spa-like vibe.

  2. I love rooms that have a very simple/minimal aesthetic like the bathroom in this post. Amazing pictures Eleni!