The Weekend

Saturday, March 18, 2017
Dining room with vaulted ceiling via AD. Photo by Alessandra Ianniello


This dress to welcome the warmer weather.

A winning color combination.

Did you also draw that S symbol in school?

When the Etsy Trends expert acknowledges your Etsy picks. Thanks Dayna, Gabrielle and My Domaine :)

This adorable minimalistic bow bucket bag.

Swooning over this handmade teapot set.

Deeply in love with the artworks of Sally West.

This greek island summer house is calling my name and has me itching for vacation asap.

Wow, just look at these awesome leather drawer pulls!

"Often potential clients ask us what our ‘style’ is. I always say we don’t have one. What we bring to a project is not style (and certainly not ‘lifestyle’), but rather a process that is specific to the client, the context and the content. It is a physical manifestation of human behavior. If others choose to see the end result of that process as a style, that is something we can’t control, but our design approach certainly never starts out with that intention." The ever inspiring Ilse Crawford on style (from her book A Frame For Life: The Designs Of StudioIlse)


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Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image via AD
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  1. With regard to the S shape, I just read that it means love when woven into a rug. I could not find the original source where I read that but here is another source:

    1. Really? That's a cool interpretation! Thanks for sharing :)