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Friday, March 17, 2017
ETSY MIX of the week by My Paradissi

1 | Is it just me or natural honey candles smell so good? (wearecaribou, $12.34 for a pair)
2 | There is this sort of classic mysticism in these earrings I just can't resist (SANKTOLEONOJEWELRY, $55)
3 | This natural oral care sounds like a great alternative to the typical drugstore choices (EvyJoAndCo, $21.60+)
4 | These linen kitchen towels are on my wishlist. Love their hue and natural feeling (myBlueMeadow, $24.39 for a set of 2)
5 | Want this unrefined handmade mug for my morning ritual (TagliaferroCeramics, $26)
6 | A unique lightweight cork stool to carry around the house where is needed (Raihartenatural, $110.88)

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