The Weekend

Saturday, January 7, 2017
Scandinavian apartment via Stadshem


Do you have a small foyer? Here's how to make your home look bigger.

Tech habits to say goodbye to this year.

Beautiful beautiful temporary rose tattoo.

These Ikea doll house hacks are so cute/smart/stylish.

Raddest vodka shots ever.

Keep the party going with this fancy satin clutch.

A lookbook I created for Chiara Colombini inspired by their awesome collection.

The incredible hue of this handmade rag rug.

This apartment makes me set aside my neutral monochromatic obsession.

This chunky cable knit throw blanket to cuddle through Netflix marathons.


Last week - Happy New Year

Last week - Tine K Home apartment in Palma, Mallorca

Back in 2016 - Cozy window seating nooks

Back in 2015 - The bright happy home of Jenni Li and family

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image via Stadshem
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