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Friday, August 12, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week by My Paradissi

1 | If you are looking for a cool printable to hang on your wall, you should definitely pay a visit to Modea Prints. This solo cactus is one of my faves (ModeaPrints, $7.68)
2 | Just love how delicate these nude plaster bowls look (Julyproductstyling, $28.62)
3 | Still too hot to wear anything more than a tank top over here but I already am dreaming of chillier nights and cushy knits (Ohhio, $400+)
4 | Adorable little cactus pot with lots of spikes of its own (MaevoStudio, $40.14)
5 | Everything looks so much prettier under a glass dome, don't you agree? (kibster, $22)
6 | These baskets will look so great filled with toys. Perfect kids room organizers (MiaMelange, $179)

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