The Weekend

Saturday, July 2, 2016
Minimalistic bedroom with bed on floor and skylight via Bo Bedre


These platform sandals are on my birthday wishlist (B. that's for you ^^)

This zoetrope looks magical.

Most adorable eco-friendly wooden toys for kids.

A contemporary and classic mix made in design heaven.

A new way to look at your favorite snacks (and probably never eat them again).

Dream home alert.

This desk lamp is gorgeous (and on an incredibly tempting sale- omg).

Stop listening to all those online life mentors and coaches and think twice; is quitting your day job and pursuing your passion actually the right thing to do?

Extremely cool restaurant in Melbourne.

Just got this shampoo and conditioner. Have you tried them? Hope they are as good as the reviews say!


Last week - Minimalistic farmhouse in Belgium

Last week - Gorgeous small minimalistic apartment

Back in 2015 - Eclectic black and white bathroom

Back in 2014 - Refreshing underwater art

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Image via Bo Bedre
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