The Weekend

Saturday, June 11, 2016
Cozy sleeping nook via Bo Bedre


OMG this romper is so pretty ^^

This Mediterranean salad.

This bar is so rad (and white!)

This dress to wear all summer long.

These are such exciting news.

This pleated skirt. Want!

These architectural patterns.

This super cute attic nook.

This hairdo.

This wallpaper. Tropical swoon.


Last week - All black sophisticated bedroom

Last week - My Paradissi is 6!

Back in 2015 - 10 bathrooms with bold patterned walls

Back in 2014 - Eclectic b&w bedrooms

Happy weekend, friends :)

P.s. Find my latest interview on Miss Bloom (in greek)

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Image via Bo Bedre
1 comment on "The Weekend"
  1. Το λευκο playsuit με μια απο τις κοτσιδες χιχι!
    Ωραια η τροπικιά ταπιτσαρια.
    Και η σαλατουλα νοστιμοτατη.