These seating nooks will steal your heart

Monday, March 7, 2016
Window seating nook
via Planete Deco
If you need to know only one thing about me, then it's that I'm a total homebody. Like I might not leave the house for days (I could write weeks if that wouldn't scare you off :) kind of homebody. Working from home sure makes things worse and so is that all my closest people leave in walking distance thus drop by daily. That being said, I get butterflies in my stomach whenever I come across welcoming cozy nooks and love to just pause a little and picture myself in them. Cushy seating, soft textiles and a dreamy view, and bye bye outside world, you just missed me forever :D

Sofa with fur throws
Stadshem via here
Daybed via Stil Inspiration
Stil Inspiration
Cozy scandinavian living room by Jonas Berg
Jonas Berg via here
Seating nook in front of large window by Designsetter

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