The floating nightstand

Wednesday, March 30, 2016
The floating nightstand | Alvhem
I'm really coveting the idea of having a cubic floating shelf serving as a nightstand by the bed. It feels so subtle and fresh and totally easy to style and play with. Since wall mounted shelves are supposed to be space savers, don't expect to have loads of surface to decorate but that ain't necessarily a bad thing. Wall lamps or pendants hanging on each bed side will eliminate the use of table lamps while the two shelves provide that extra bit of storage for reading material or other things you might need by your side at nights. And, since we're to that, here is a cool block shelf option that comes in various sizes and one really affordable alternative to make this style your own :)

The floating nightstand | Elle Decor
Elle Decor via here
The floating nightstand | Elisabeth Heier
Elisabeth Heier from this post
The floating nightstand | Stadshem
Stadshem via here
The floating nightstand | Stadshem

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  1. Love the clean look of floating night stands. I used them in my daughter's small studio apartment. To keep the look clean (no cords dangling) swing arm wall sconces were just the ticket!