ETSY MIX of the week

Thursday, March 3, 2016
ETSY MIX of the week | My Paradissi

1 | Plants are sure to add up to the decor but they do need help from beautiful planters to do so. Love this handpainted one (YuliaTsukerman, $40.71+)
2 | Prettiest tea towel I've seen in a while (leahduncan, $24.61)
3 | Oh my, isn't this wild safari girl dress so darn cute? Wild but cute :D ( LolaandStella, $43.55)
4 | A fringe necklace sounds legit. Love this natural toned one (PALOMARIE, $106.03)
5 | I find the time, detail and patience papercut technique takes so admirable. That being said, this piece is such a thoughtful present for a loved one (ALittleHeartCo, $80.47)
6 | Do you wear pins? I used to years ago but then I just stopped. This minimalistic one makes me reconsider (knobbly, $43.55)

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