2 ALIKE: Bedrooms with exposed roof beams

Tuesday, March 1, 2016
Bedroom with exposed roof beams | The Estate Trentham
Bedroom with exposed roof beams | Kristofer Johnsson for Elle Decor

So, dear Universe, can I just skip reality and lose myself in either of these bedrooms? With a disturbing cold tickling my nose these couple days and an unnatural hot weather (like 27C/80F) I'd so much like to welcome the first day of March tucked under crisp bed linen and gorgeous unrefined exposed roof beams. Sigh..

P.s. My top 10 sources for linen bedding.

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2 comments on "2 ALIKE: Bedrooms with exposed roof beams"
  1. beautiful. We are toying with the idea of adding beams to our living room ceiling...but not continuing them into the kitchen...we have a fairly large open space...do you think this would look weird..? not continuing them, i mean. The reason we would not use them in the kitchen is because of the lighting layout of the space... advice?

    1. Hi Keshia,
      thanks for asking but I'm afraid I can't answer your question without first seeing the place. If you are interested in working on that together, drop me an email and I'll guide you through the process :)