Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 25, 2015
Merry Christmas by My Paradissi

Merry Christmas, dear friends, though I truly I hope you're all somewhere celebrating/enjoying/relaxing/doing-what-your-heart-pleases instead of reading this post. It's been a long long week over here and I just realised I haven't posted since Sunday but it was for a good reason. It was my baby boy's first birthday on Wednesday and we threw a big party over here. It was a blast! Surrounded by loved ones is the best kind of gift one might wish for and, I admit, after that celebration, Christmas is just a mere passtime ;) Anyway, I'm taking advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and relax a bit more before getting back on track coming days and deal with all the todo lists and mails (so sorry, I will reply to you, you know who, soon ^^). So, go on, enjoy! xoxo

P.S. Although a tradition nearly vanished, we used to decorate ships for Christmas here in Greece, hence that pretty little clay ship on my cousin's wall.

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