The Weekend

Saturday, November 21, 2015
Tartan gorgeousness and cozy chaise by the fireplace | Image by Simon Watson via Domino

● Well, now this is a doll house that meets the contemporary design trends.
Iceland is a magical land indeed.
● This very awesome pom pom stripe pillow.
● Modern art diy for your wall.
● These iphone cases are so cute and unique.
● Old meets new, rustic meets contemporary.
● This place is kind of scary but probably safe to live in.
● Would love to start my day with this company.
● Gorgeous chalkboard wrapping paper and gift tags (that is free to download and print!)
● This act of kindness should spread all around the world.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image by Simon Watson via Domino

1 comment on "The Weekend"
  1. That stack of wood looks so nice that it'd almost be a shame to actually use it! Though I'm certain I'd find the strength to make that sacrifice because I love having a fire going in the fireplace :)