My home, my paradise no.14

Thursday, September 3, 2015
My home, my paradise no.14 | My Paradissi

Here's what my dream home would look like, if I were to design it today..

Indoor plant in living room. Image via Stadshem
Image via Stadshem 
Living room: A large tree plant in the living room inside a black basket gives off a minimalist natural vibe I really dig. 

Cozy scandinavian bedroom. Image by Anders Bergstedt
Image by Anders Bergstedt
Bedroom: A bedroom that feels like a sanctuary; simple, inviting and cozy with just the basic accents to decorate with.

Scandinavian dining room. Image by Sees By Sanni
Image by Sees By Sanni
Dining room: A cozy sunlit nook in the dining room. Pillows, throws and green plants easily create this atmosphere.

Concrete kitchen countertop. Image by Elisabeth Heier
Image by Elisabeth Heier via here
Kitchen: A concrete countertop in the kitchen. Sleek white cabinetry and open shelving with beautiful kitchenware work wonders too.

Tri-fold bathroom vanity mirror. Image by Daniella Witte
Image by Daniella Witte
Bathroom: A tri-fold mirror in the bathroom. Ain't it a real beauty? 

Small balcony. Image by Pella Hedeby
Image by Pella Hedeby
Outdoors: A small balcony with delicate folding furniture and a couple olive trees is more than enough to welcome the cooler fall days.

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2 comments on "My home, my paradise no.14"
  1. Your 'dream home' looks absolutely stunning. Definitely a dream home I wouldn't mind stepping in one day. Great post! I loved this a lot!