The Weekend

Saturday, July 18, 2015

● All kinds of mini pizzas for your next party.
This bathroom (the shower pebbles floor is so gorgeous!)
● Working from home means this can be my work outfit.
● Gorgeous minimalistic magazine rack/display diy.
● 'It is as silly, idiosyncratic piece of software, but so simple. It says: Here's a picture... It is so simple as to be almost serene'. Great article on why instagram is so successful.
● Adorable little ring to make you feel like a queen.
● No more excuses.
● Impressive yet oh so delicate large scale paintings by Thomas Darnell.
Chocolate packaging that designers will adore.
● This cool geometric blanket is on my wishlist for coming winter.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Image via Kinfolk (found via here)

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  1. As an artist/painter (, I so appreciate the fact that you have an appreciation for art and post about it - just wonderful! Btw, I adore your aesthetic.