My home, my paradise no.13

Monday, July 20, 2015

Is it just me or the more the summer heat the less objects I want around me? With this in mind, if I were to decorate my dream home right now, these are some of the aspects I'd make sure would be part of it.

Image via & tradition
Slim furniture, neutral shades and a great deal of greenery add a delicate freshness to a space.

Design by Margot Guralnick, photo by Karolina Bak
I could hang out in this bathroom (which is pretty much the size of my living room) so very easily. 

Design by Esé Studio
Love love love this sturdy wooden platform bed. Looks so cushy in its simplicity.

Image by Jonas Bjerre- Poulsen
Bright, sleek and spacious is all I need from a kitchen right now. I love the statement basic pendant lighting too.

Design by Guilherme Torres
A shaded outdoor bathtub this pretty. I can only imagine the countless hours I'd spend in there.

Villa Mayavee, Phuket
Really, can this ever be my terrace view?

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2 comments on "My home, my paradise no.13"
  1. Slim furniture and neutral shades are my favorites and that sturdy wooden platform bed is gorgeous.

  2. I'm with you. I was just in Sweden where they're all about minimalism and I was very inspired!