THE ROOM: Fancy laundry

Monday, June 22, 2015
Diy patterned linoleum floor laundry room | Image via A Beautiful Mess
Image via A Beautiful Mess
I wanted to share with you this laundry room quite some time now. Isn't it awesome? I fell in love with its eclectic simplicity and its laid back fancy vibe the moment I laid eyes on it. The black and white linoleum tile floor is totally gorgeous. Yes, these are not ceramic tiles but vinyl ones that were cut and placed by the team of A Beautiful Mess (there's a tutorial on how to do it yourself in their blog). The green sink is a hit as well. Actually, it is does steal the show with its lime green hue contrasting the geometric floor pattern. The room would not be the same, however, without the natural touch of the plants. Love the fabric planter and the casual air it breathes to the space (also coming from another ABM diy). This place would make an amazing bathroom as well, don't you agree?

P.s. If you live in Canada, here's a great place to source for a house plant.

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2 comments on "THE ROOM: Fancy laundry"
  1. I just love this. My 'laundry room' is in our garage and is pretty much the opposite of this. One day I'll have a fancy laundry room! And yes, this would be a stunning bathroom!