10 BEST: Tan leather sofas

Monday, March 9, 2015
Tan leather sofas | Image by Karolina Bak via Remodelista
Image by Karolina Bak via Remodelista

If there is one thing I would love to have in my home but unfortunately can't afford for the time being, that would definitely be a tanned leather sofa. Every time I come across a photo of an interior sporting one of these sleek luxurious pieces my heart skips a beat. Whether the interior is contemporary, minimalistic, modern, eclectic or bohemian, a tan leather sofa is sure to add up to the given decor. It is the exquisite vibe of its durable, soft to the touch material, the warm tone of the tanned leather, in hues varying from deep cognac to bright orange, and the fixed form that is neither too stiff nor too cushy, yet totally welcoming most of the times, that makes such a sofa totally lustworthy. The following list is a note of 10 beauties for a future reference for my dream home and, of course, for those of you who are in search of the ideal tan leather sofa for your home or office (they look so perfectly in place in almost any office space, don't you agree?). Any favorites?

Tan Leather Sofas

Shop this collection: 1.Heston leather sofa (Abc Carpet & Home, $5,995), 2.Mikado vintage leather sofa (Maisons Du Monde, £1,299), 3.Lindrum leather sofa (West Elm, $1,599), 4.Authentic leather Arne Norell Ilona Safari sofa (506070, $2,637.96), 5.Abington leather sofa (Wayfair, $3,869.10), 6.Chester leather sofa (Abc Carpet & Home, $4,440), 7.Cheviot leather sectional (One Kings Lane, $5.399), 8.Swan sofa (Design Within Reach, $18,399), 9.Worthy leather sofa (Joybird, $3,549), 10.Como sofa (Design Within Reach, $7,310)

Tan leather sofas | Image via C+M Studio
Image via C+M Studio

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7 comments on "10 BEST: Tan leather sofas"
  1. Hi I have been looking for the perfect caramel leather sofa for years. I think my favorite and one of the best priced ones is the Bryght Sven Sofa. http://www.bryght.com/product/1008/sven-charme-tan-sofa I only wish they made an apartment sized version. ~Mike

    1. Hey Michael! We might be a little late on this, but better late than never! An apartment-sized version of our Sven sofa was such a well-loved idea, we added the option a few weeks ago.

      Feel free to check it out on our website here: https://www.article.com/product/1446/sven-charme-tan-72-sofa

      Have a good one!

  2. That is I am looking for last few days. Recently I brought a house. So, arranged my house I am looking a leather sofa. And this is best recliner or sofa what you say.

  3. Hi does anybody know where the above tan leather couch is from, the one in the larger picture just above the comments section on this website?

    1. Hi Melanie :)
      it is the Lennon sofa from Staple&Co

    2. Thank you for asking this / answering this. I was hunting this down down for hours, and with your help was able to track the designer down and place an order. Thank you!

  4. I have been reading your posts regularly. I need to say that you are doing a fantastic job. Please keep up the great work.