The Weekend

Saturday, February 14, 2015
Image by Ulrika Ekblom

● Love to see the creative collaboration of two beloved bloggers of mine taking a new life.
Kitchens that will never go out of style.
● Bunch of cool posters at Les Temps Modernes.
Metal framed glass doors are a current fave interior trend of mine (and lots of others as I can tell).
● Cute diy to try (and wear) on Valentine's day.
● How to make your kid eat just about everything.
● Really fun and creative minimalistic dog lamp by Elizabeth and M├írton.
These would make a pretty gift for the hostess.
● Gorgeous free high-res photos to use on your blog/site/wherever at Unsplash.
● Lovely wall hooks for a nursery or kids room.

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Happy Valentine's day, friends!

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Image by Ulrika Ekblom.
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