W.C. like Water Closet

Monday, November 24, 2014
W.C. designed by Marie Olsson Nylander | Image via Hemnet via sfgirlbybay
Image via Hemnet via sfgirlbybay.
W.C. designed by Marie Olsson Nylander | Image via KK Living
Image via KK Living.

I've always found the abbreviation W.C. a bit funny. I mean, a water closet is not something I usually have in mind when visiting a small toilet. There is water involved, for sure, but, by definition, a closet is something more of an organizing space with certain claustrophobic references. On the other hand, although these photos are really close to the literal definition of the w.c., they are too darn cute, don't you think? And, no wonder they have many similarities as they are both designs of amazing stylist Marie Olsson Nylander. The b&w design adds tons of character and sophistication and I really love the small details like the wire basket for the toilet paper, the enamel sink and the photo gallery above the toilet. No more having fun of water closets again, for sure ;)

P.s. A toilet inside a closet in this riad and 10 fancy toilet decorating ideas.

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