LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms

Monday, November 3, 2014
LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms | My Paradissi

The more I look at photos of all white bedrooms the more I am convinced; bright monochromatic interiors are the quickest way to a clear, relaxed mind. Like an act of meditation, taking the useless stuff off sight can be soul lifting and rejuvenating. Or, in this case, color coding accessories and accents in hues of white, gray and black can equally succeed in a coherent design that does not overload the eye and engage the attention.

LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms | Image via Ollie and Seb's House.
Image via Ollie and Seb's House.
LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms | Image via A Merry Mishap.
Image via A Merry Mishap.

I know some of you are advocates of color and variety, others are somehow connecting white spaces to frigid mental institutes or just being afraid that a white space is not practical or even possible, so today's post is a subtle attempt to help you reconcile with that decorating approach as well. Not that I believe that such style is appropriate for everyone, not in a thousand years, just that it is so popular these days that it definitely deserves a second thought. On that matter, the great thing about such design is that is incredibly easy to adjust, alter or even completely redecorate when bored (as opposed to let's say a multicolored or wallpapered room).

LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms | Image by Petra Bindel.
Image by Petra Bindel.
LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms | Image via likainen parketti.
Image via likainen parketti.

I love how the morning sun reflects on the bright surfaces of a white bedroom, how the bed linens feel even crispier and cozier in white or gray hues and how the touches of black details enhance the duality of the design by adding to the contrast and framing the space. I would easily exchange my current turquoise bedroom for an all white one without second thoughts, even paint my canopy bed in a bold black (for that contrast described above) but that's something I'll have to postpone for a few months due to my baby's arrival. 

LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms | Image via Ale Besso
Image via Ale Besso.
LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms | Image via Stadshem.
Image via Stadshem.

So, what do you think of this style? Is it something you'd adopt or it's just not for you?

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8 comments on "LOVE OR NOT: All white bedrooms"
  1. It's absoltely my thing. I love all white everything!

  2. Can't say it's totally my thing; although calming, I would much prefer all white everything with the injection of colour here and there for a more happy environment!

    Dandy Girl x

    1. Pops of color on a white background can be totally gorgeous :)

  3. I love them seen on magazine/web but in reality I'll get with wood (more warm ;-)

    1. Then, wood and white is always a great match, right? ;)

  4. Totally in love with this white wooden floor and walls! so simple and perfect :)