The round dining table

Wednesday, October 1, 2014
The round dining table | Image via A+B Kasha.
Image via A+B Kasha.

Among the things that are changing in our home is our dining area. We have already purchased the chairs and have a dining table custom made at a local carpenter. Hopefully, we will have it by the end of this week. We chose an expandable rectangular shape made of walnut. The design is pretty simple and definitely inspired by the mid century forms (I'll show you some photos when it comes). 
Anyway, while searching for the perfect dining table for our home, we had some thoughts on choosing a round one. After all, round tables are ideal for smaller spaces or when there is no separate dining room, just like our case. They can be intimate and practical for everyday living plus host extra guests if they have those extra leaves to open. I'm not sure why we finally passed by this option, but I'd like to share with you my findings and opinions on the round dining table debate, in case you're in the lookout for one. For that reason, I've put together a cheat sheet with info and tips you might need to consider before hitting the stores. Hope it helps :)

Things to consider before buying a round dining table | My Paradissi
Link to products: Room&Board table, Insideout table, Crate&Barrel table (similar), Design Within Reach table.
Photo via Studio Oink.

The round dining table | Image by Eve Wilson via Vogue Living Australia.
Image by Eve Wilson via Vogue Living Australia.

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4 comments on "The round dining table"
  1. Pros, cons ... And the solution !!!
    Great !!!

  2. In our new home the dining area is calling for either a round table or an oval one. I have always had a little crush on the tripod type you show in your post but because there are five of us in this family the design of it doesn't work for us. It would get too crammed around the table.

    1. Maybe you should look for a pedestal one Lisa. They are way more practical when it comes to extra chairs!