5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy

Wednesday, October 8, 2014
5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy | My Paradissi

Who doesn't love a smart idea, right? Especially when it involves both storage and style. Like the ones I'm about to show you today. All 5 of them have to do with the kitchen and are fairly simple and easy to make at home on an instant. They don't even need crafting skills at all but are sure to give you that extra bit of storage every kitchen always seems to need ;) 

5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy | The ladder pot rack. Image via Design Sponge.
Image via Design Sponge. 
If you happen to have a spare wall that don't want to fill with cabinets or shelves, a ladder seems to be ideal to place on. We've seen it a lot used in bathrooms as a towel rack or even in bedrooms for clothes and throws, so why not use it in the kitchen as well? Not only you can hang those kitchen towels and napkins but display your pots and pans in style too!

5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy | Crates kitchen shelving. Image via The Design Chaser.
Image via The Design Chaser.

A group of aged wooden crates can easily substitute a series of shelves above the countertop. Now that the open shelving is an ongoing trend, this trick is a brilliant idea to display favorite cups and plates. Perfect for a rustic or industrial touch or a more fancy look when painted white or a bright shade.

5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy | The iron mesh storage. Image via A beautiful Mess.
Image via A beautiful Mess.

I've dedicated a whole post about this smart and completely basic idea of using a wire mesh as a moodboard in the office a few weeks ago. Now, in particular, when used in the kitchen, things are even more fun. Obviously, not strong enough to hold your pan and pots but a great way to sort out your flatware and tools in plain sight.

5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy | The rattan basket storage.
Image via here.

A large basket can host a million kitchen items that don't have a place to go, especially those large ones like trays, cutting boards, racks or even rolling pins. Think of it like an extra cabinet or drawer. If you  find yourself to have ample space but not enough storage, then this idea is perfect for you. Line up a few of them, play with sizes and shapes and choose a couple lidded ones for the ugly stuff. Don't forget that you can always utilise the space above the upper cabinets for that reason too.

5 creative kitchen storage ideas you can diy | The hanging basket storage. Image via Refinery 29.
Image via Refinery 29.

Love the idea of hanging a basket in a corner of the kitchen to store fruit or even plant some herbs. It saves up valuable countertop space and proves really practical in small kitchens. There are so many ideas out there to try. All you have to do is identify your needs and just go for it!

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  2. The wire mesh and wooden boxes are great for kitchens, as useful !!!

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  4. Amazing article! I found those storage ideas extremely clever and easy achievable ways to save space in the kitchen. I like mostly the idea with the fruits tray-it's awesome. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. I am a big fan of rustic style and I love the idea for wooden crates!