The Weekend

Saturday, September 27, 2014
Cozy sleeping nook in the home of Ashley Barlow via Design Sponge

These cloud formations are equally stunning and terrifying.
● Are you ready for a mind blowing tour in this stunning summer home in Mallorca?
● Now, if this ain't the ultimate weekend comfort food then I don't know what is.
● Oh, my! Cutest hairpins ever!
● The most cheerful pinterest I came across lately comes from this beloved shop.
Practical tips on how to remove wrinkles from clothes when ironing is not an option.
● That's a fun whale plate set.
● Are you a big time spender? Here are 101 ways to help you hold back and save some bucks.
● An alternative take on doing what you love.
● This cross pillow would look so great on my new sofa.

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Happy weekend, friends!

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Photo via Design Sponge.
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