The Weekend

Saturday, September 20, 2014
Bedroom with incredible seaview via House and Leisure.

● Care to know what the secret to getting what you really want is? Couldn't agree more!
● Industrial meets modern greek design in this amazing bistro bar in Symi island.
● Love this vintage glam table lamp. How prestigious!
● Really cute and sophisticated nursery for a little boy (love the wallpaper).
● The evolution of the desktop in a series of smart gifs.
● Haha, nice moto to wake up to!
● Now, this is an ice cream topping I would never (ever) think of.
● Love calligraphy? Then you should definitely have a look at Seb Lester's instagram.
● Seems like everybody is yelling these days. You just don't have to feel bad about it.
● Gorgeous gorgeous walnut dining table.

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P.s. I was smitten to find out that My Paradissi is a nominee at the AMARA Interior Blog Awards under the Best International Blogs category! If you feel like voting for this blog, here's the link. Thanks :)

Happy weekend, friends!

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Photo via House and Leisure.
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