Pastel simplicity

Monday, August 4, 2014
Pastel simplicity | Linn Vikra Heimtun via NIB Hjemme

I'm all for simple interiors lately. The type that's more soothing and welcoming than flamboyant and edgy. Well, I'm always up for something like that, but these days, with all the things going on, I really need to browse through decluttered interiors, with pastel and neutral tones, in that beloved and famous scandinavian vibe. Like the photos I'm sharing today. Pretty calm, don't you agree?

Pastel simplicity | Brooke Holm for Shareen Joel Design via Share Design
Pastel simplicity | Helen Bankers via Adore Home Magazine December-January 2014

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Image credits:
1.Linn Vikra Heimtun via NIB Hjemme, 2.Brooke Holm for Shareen Joel Design via Share Design, 3.Helen Bankers via Adore Home Magazine December-January 2014
4 comments on "Pastel simplicity"
  1. i like the pastel in a room , this pink and the the white are very soft and the decoration is quiet ! yes it is like a scandinavian decoration !

  2. Hi, very nice colour combination ! At this Moment I love very much These dusty colours: Pale pink with all sort of Greys with black and White ! Love, Barbara

  3. Yes! I agree. I like pastel tones.

  4. wow! it's very simple, very neat and very pure.. I wanna live here forever♥ Hello there Miss Eleni, these photos you've posted could be the best idea I could mimic for My house.. Thanks for the inspiring photos..
    xx Carol