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Monday, April 7, 2014
Meet Your Lamb | A Future Perfect

I adore allegory! And, when it comes from a local creative design team I admire and love I just can't but share it with you! The new project of A Future Perfect (remember their concrete map coasters?) is inspired by Orthodox Easter but has definitely gone way further into design, style and function.

"Meet Your Lamb is based on the Greek traditional celebration rituals of the Easter involving outdoor gathering and eating roasted lamb treats.  As a tribute to the animal and a reflection to this long held tradition, A Future Perfect transforms the body sections of the lamb -according to the butcher- in a three- dimensional object, a set of basswood vessels for serving food. On one hand, the design suggests us to identify the animal and consider the responsible animal breeding for the purposes of feeding; in contrast to the unidentified mass- production of meat that reaches the consumer. On the other hand, the meat shaped vessels can be used in order to highlight the contradiction and serve anything but meat on all outdoor or indoor eating occasions."

It's not only the smart startup idea behind the design; the actual vessels are pretty amazing too. Love their sleek wooden finish, their curvy form and their, what seem to be but are not, random forms. The seafoam trim adds a fresh note to the product that makes it even more appealing and happy to use in the everyday gatherings. I can see these vessels serving other purposes as well; jewelry holders or desk organizers have little to do with our dear lamb but that what design is all about, function before concept, right?

The Meet Your Lamb project will be presented in the Ventura Lambrate 2014 (Ventura TeamUp) in Fuorisalonni, 8-13 of April, as part of the T.I.V.D. This Is Very Dangerous team exhibition “Picnic”. 

Meet Your Lamb | A Future Perfect
Meet Your Lamb | A Future Perfect

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