Tuesday, April 1, 2014
Handmade picks from Etsy to help you detox your mind and soul | My Paradissi

I keep thinking of body and mind detoxing a lot lately. Maybe it is the invigorating soul of spring that inspires me or, more possibly, that I actually need a thorough detox session. Yoga, meditation, healthy eating, proper breathing and a mind cleansed of all stressful and poisonous thoughts are the first step towards feeling rejuvenated. Handmade soaps of the finest ingredients, blissfully smelling candles and bath salts, comfy outfits made with love by crafters all around the world are the best ingredients to fill me with positive energy. Here are my picks to get started ^^

Shop this collection: 1. Detox bath salts (HerbivoreBotanicals, $18), 2.Asymmetric loose harem pants (JoozieCotton, $44), 3.Detox aromatherapy bath bombs (ElegantRoseBoutique, $11.95 for a set of 4), 4.Japanese sulfur spa soap (MorningCalm, $8), %.Fir and blue sage soy candle (sydneyhaleco, $28), 6.1lb sage (thelooseleaf, $20).

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3 comments on "ETSY MIX: Detox"
  1. oh I've been eyeing herbivore botanicals for a while, everything looks so good!

  2. Oh wow, I so need to detox! It's on my list of things to do after April, too many birthdays to celebrate this month ;) I love the look of that candle.