My home, my paradise #5 (style)

Thursday, February 13, 2014
Putting together my dream home: City apartment with casual and eclectic touches | My Paradissi

Today's dream home is a little bit like spring; pops of color here and there and a casual comfort that just makes you feel good. Nothing of great style and effort, it is more like a collection of things that have a special meaning, a travel, a memory, a function. And, the personal touch of handmade accents and reclaimed pieces, of course!  In my dream home, there will definitely be..

Photo by fotolemaire via vtwonen.
Photo by fotolemaire via vtwonen.

..a feminine chic 

scandinavian inspired living room. In other words, add a dark gray sofa, b&w wall mural, ceiling moldings, pink and blush accessories and you've got it. Love how casual and cozy it looks on top of that!

The Laneway house, designed by The Cross Design.
The Laneway house, designed by The Cross Design.

..a wire shelving.

I'm more and more drawn to sleek fifties design lately and less to the sturdy and shabby industrial. Would love to incorporate a wire mesh shelving in my space, however, given that it looked totally awesome, exactly like the above one, and, why not, combine it with bold hues and vibrant accessories.

The home of Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin, photographed by Holly Marder.
The home of Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin, photographed by Holly Marder.

..a mismatched dining spot

with a sofa bench and a copper bowl pendant. That stands in front of an xl window outlooking to the nature. I have a thing for mix and match as it seems, for I picked a mismatched dining room for my previous dream home a couple of weeks ago (remember?). 

Apartment in Barcelona, designed by Merixtel Riba for Rum Hemm, found via the style-files.
Apartment in Barcelona, designed by Merixtel Riba for Rum Hemm, found via the style-files.

..a spacious home office 

and a handmade reclaimed desk, like the one above. Who says recycling and great style don't get along? This old wooden door proved an excellent desktop choice that got totally uplifted by the smart choice of the thin metallic legs.

Photo by Lucas Allen for Martha Stewart Living, found via How About Orange.
Photo by Lucas Allen for Martha Stewart Living, found via How About Orange.

..a cream kitchen

with two tone ceiling high cabinetry and marble countertop. Love the slim aesthetic of this one and I'm sure it holds a substantial storing capacity that's an oh-so-great-deal in a small town apartment. Check out the handmade red pendant lamp as well. Totally adds up to the style, don't you agree?

The Yarraville house, designed by Techne.
The Yarraville house, designed by Techne.

..a decluttered bedroom

with only the basics (count a bed, a nightstand and a table lamp) and vibrant color splashes. I embrace the use of bold hues in this home and completely dig the art piece over the bed and how it is emphasized by the monochrome yellow knit throw and the blush dotted pillows. Love it!

Apartment in Paris via Elle Decor, found via Planete Deco.
Apartment in Paris via Elle Decor, found via Planete Deco.

..a clawfoot bathtub

and a view to the parisian urbanscape. Well, it's my dream home and since it is city oriented this time, I wouldn't mind placing it in fab Paris. Which I'll be visually devouring even while soaking in this vintage bohemian tub, of course ^^

Update: Shop for this home style here.

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5 comments on "My home, my paradise #5 (style)"
  1. I would definitely live in your home :)
    Or at least crash very often!

    1. Hehe, I'd love to have you over for coffee all the time ^^

  2. I think most "designer" rooms are over done. I like clean and simple. I love sophisticated furniture and d├ęcor. Stylish Apartment With A Minimalist Design

  3. I think my favorite inspiration is the creative storage used in the bathroom on either side of the clawfoot tub. I also love the plain and beautiful stained glass in Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin's home.

  4. Such a lovely home, I love the pops of colour.